Bill Champney  Founder of Optimize Web Local

Bill created O.W.L. as a way to further nurture his creative side. As an entrepreneur most of his life Bill has started and successfully operated several businesses in his career. 

After becoming unexpectedly layed off in 2011 Bill decided to take his destiny into his own hands. Teaching himself how to create websites was fun and challenging task. Getting the websites to rank was even more so.

He worked tirelessly to understanding the ever changing landscape of the internet and how to rank in it.  As a result of the Service businesses he created he had real world test subjects to observe. 

Having learned the steps to successfully rank his businesses in a very populated area covered with competition Bill began being asked to help others. 

He created websites for his friends as well as corrected what was on their existing websites. Helping them become more successful and realizing their dreams for their businesses. 

Finally after years of experimentation and learning tried and true methods Bill has decided to put his knowledge and experience to work in order to help you realize your business dreams.